Sunday, June 3, 2012

I'm Back!!!

Hi folks, forgive me for the long hiatus. Work work work!
I thought I'd do a special post of one my heroes, Chuck Jones!!!
Today I'll focus on his Tom and Jerry cartoons.  I remember as a kid seeing these and thinking they were strange. The action was slower, they weren't as violent, and they had some weird music.  I remember thinking "Hey! They stole these jokes from the roadrunner!!!" As I got older and learned of all the different directors I figured out which were my favorites. Chuck had always been the top of my list for most of my childhood. I remember when I picked up his book "Chuck Amuck" and being amazed at all the pencil drawings. Most of them were his later style full of smug eyelashes and chubby baby proportions. I love it all. Here are some screen caps of some of funniest expressions, run cycles, and poses. Enjoy!!!
This has to be the craziest wild take done by Jones!
 I love this swim cycle

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