Monday, October 15, 2012

What The What????

Holy Crap!! 
New Fanboys all week long! 
As usual the Nickelodeon site has no mention of this... gotta love them >:(
I'm super proud of these episodes. I'm lucky to have had a hand in making these. Eric,Tom, Ken, and Brandon are all represented this week. Woo! I miss the whole Fanboy team.


Coonfoot said...

The site actually does mention it if you look on the schedule page. And my DVR gave me an extra heads up. Still, have new episodes air and not know it is a lot better than having episodes postponed and not know it. *coughDCNationcough*

Eddie T. said...

Thank goodness for DVR. What sucks is the Fanboy page has no mention of it!!! ARGH! (shakes fists)