Monday, September 21, 2015

Fremergancy Fronfract

Hi everybody! Since season 2 of Wander Over Yonder has started to air, I wanted to share the first episode I boarded and directed for the season. Written by the amazing and hilarious Frank Angones. I felt sooooo lucky to get to board and direct this episode, mainly because I got to draw Hater as stupid as possible.


A little movie
Here are some storeroom sketches I did for the episode.
Drunk Hater poses
Some helping/fun day activities I pitched were: Brushing old ladies hair
Delivering baby farm animals
Life modeling

Pottery making (Ghost style of course)

 Trying each on others clothes and tattoos

Sylvia jump rope!

Piggy back.
I thought it would be funny to end the show with Hater not noticing his new ankle tat


tek! said...

Oh man thank you sooo much for sharing these.
It's gold! Really great cartoony poses

Eddie Trigueros said...

Thanks dude! Means a lot coming from you!

Kaarina said...

Ooh, these sketches are so lovely and funny! This has to be my favorite episode of Wander Over Yonder! (and Hater makes it better song sequence is just amazing!) I just love the show so much and I'm happy people are still doing cartoony animations. Inspirational!